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Why gym changing and washroom facilities should be changed regularly

Leisure centre, gym and sports clubs washroom facilities are such an essential factor for all sporting facilities, to provide their customers and staff with a clean, modern and pleasant area to feel safe using the facilities, getting changed and showered.

Not only does it portray that the facilities are well looked after, but it also expresses that you care about your customers, are concerned for health and safety, and it also shows prospective new members that your sporting club or gym is the one to choose to become a member.

Changing rooms and washrooms can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, which will lead to your customers and staff becoming ill.

For example, warts and verruca viruses (Human Papilloma Virus) are easily caught at leisure complexes with swimming pools and communal showers.

This is because they spread quickly in wet environments. Throw in wet hot feet from swimming, and voila, you have the perfect environment for a wart and or verrucae to grow.

Cold and flu viruses are also easily spread around a leisure centre and gym changing room, and this is down to two factors: people touching common areas such as taps and door handles without washing their hands regularly, especially after they have coughed or sneezed; and secondly the areas aren’t getting cleaned enough or thoroughly.

Again, these environments are used by many, many people, and there will be hundreds of germs lurking, waiting to be picked up by someone else, if the area isn’t cleaned regularly.

As there will be lots of your members or members of the public using these changing areas and washrooms, they will quickly look old, tired and worn, even if they are cleaned meticulously.

So how often should changing rooms and washrooms be updated?

As a general rule of thumb changing rooms in a leisure centre environment should be refurbished every five to ten years.

The higher number of traffic that uses the changing facilities, the quicker they will need refurbing. Although a high traffic rate is excellent for your business, it means the area they use will quickly deteriorate if they aren’t looked after properly.

Refurbishing regularly will not only help to improve the aesthetics of the room by being modern and up to date but also helps increase the mood of users, and creates a positive experience for them. By replacing flooring, and cubicles, you’ll be helping to reduce the chance of bacteria and germs to spread. So long as they are kept clean and in good condition, they will last longer and encourage the respectful use of the facilities by members and staff.

When it comes to refurbishing washrooms and changing facilities, the look and usability are aspects that should be at the forefront of your design. If it is something you are unsure about then here at Interfix, we can help guide, design, create and install your new changing and/or washrooms, to the highest of standards for you, your staff and customers.

Want to know more? Then take a look at leisure washrooms we have previously installed, or feel free to get in touch with us.