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Washrooms at Victoria and Albert Museum

Being the world’s largest museum of applied and decorative arts and design. The Victoria and Albert Museum is a popular attraction. Home to high levels of public footfall. The museum has previously gone under washroom renovations, yet issues were soon identified with the WC ducts and pans.

WC pans were located too high. This left many users dissatisfied with the washroom experience. These pans needed to be lower, to provide a more comfortable experience. Lower pans would also make the washroom more family-friendly & accessible. The WC ducts also did not provide sufficient accessibility. Which left maintenance teams little room for work to be carried out if & when needed.

Interfix were contacted to swiftly resolve the issues and amended works on the 60m2 washrooms. Completed in 3-4 weeks. Solid grade laminate duct panels were used with new WC pans and new WC flush panels & buttons.

Throughout the project, material usage was restricted, yet Interfix was still able to deliver a high-quality finish. Movements in and around the washroom were also limited, due to the nature of the building. Adding to the difficulty of the job, but not preventing Interfix from delivering the work, the quirky building shape didn’t affect the final result.

The WC facilities at The Victoria and Albert Museum now allow for better access and usability. Members of the public can better use the washroom. Maintenance staff can now better access the ducts for servicing.



Aspects Covered

Solid grade laminate duct panels, WC pans, WC flush panels and buttons.