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Washrooms at Bosch

A motivated brand with a focus on products that are ‘Invented for life’, Bosch recognised that their washrooms had been left behind. After recognising that their washrooms were dated, and did not encourage an innovative design, Bosch sought after washrooms fresh in design with current materials.

The refurbishment set out to bring Bosch’s washrooms into the 21st century. It was only fitting that the washrooms included modern technology that reflected the brand’s nature and innovation. Sensor activated taps and WC flushing added a digital element that not only promotes the highest quality of washroom technology but also functionality and hygiene. A Suspended ceiling with lighting was installed to embody the brand’s characteristics. Other design and function elements included: Wall cladding, floor tiling, solid grade laminate cubicles and Corian wash troughs.

Delivering a refurbish project to high specification, with a small window of opportunity, Interfix is proud to be able to succeed even with the most demanding clients. Interfix were given no more than 5 weeks to complete refurbishment works on the 26m2 washrooms. The project was completed with success, within the time frame, with a very tight monitory system.


Aspects Covered

Wall cladding, floor tiling, new suspended ceiling and lighting, solid grade laminate cubicles, corian washtroughs, sensor taps and WC flushing.