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Washrooms at Aliaxis

The washroom at Aliaxis had deteriorated over time. Tired and out of date, as well as posing a potential safety hazard; Aliaxis wanted to provide better facilities for their staff and promote a better working environment. The decision was made to fix the immediate issues, and give it a new lease of life.

The previous condition of the washroom included exposed pipework from a lack of WC ducts. Not only did this look unattractive, but exposed pipework also is not safe, and can result in injury. Aliaxis’ commitment to its staff was not being demonstrated, as the washroom gave the impression that staff were not looked after.

The refurbishment consisted of the installation of safety flooring, solid grade laminate cubicle, WC ducts, and vanity units. Giving the washroom more appeal and functionality. The exposed pipework was covered as part of this project. The project also included the addition of squatting WC pans, which was a requirement.

Delivered to a limited timeframe, the refurbishment works were completed within 2-3 weeks, on the 30m2 washroom. These works needed to be completed promptly and to a high standard, ensuring staff could enjoy the new features as soon as possible.

The project delivered a refreshed, modern, and more enjoyable washroom experience for staff at Aliaxis. An environment that was equally safe, functional and pleasant.


Aspects Covered

Safety flooring, solid grade laminate cubicles, wc ducts, vanity units and squatting wc pans.