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Washroom Sensor Equipment

Taps, soap dispensers and flushing equipment

Automation in the washroom

Washroom automation is an investment that comes with long-term benefits, especially when it comes to reducing wastage, saving money and improving the overall user experience. It can decrease anxiety and discomfort for many users because automated technologies are intuitive and convenient.

Automated toilet facilities also require minimal maintenance and are expected to last longer because of reduced need for manual handling, which means they are less prone to wear and tear.

Take sensor taps and automatic hand dryers, for instance.

Sensor taps, even though powered by electricity, can end up being more energy-efficient in the long run. A sensor tap can be configured so that water pressure and temperature are pre-set. This means that no additional energy is used up in adjusting temperature every time it is turned on, which is the case with a hand-operated tap. Setting the water flow is an efficient way to minimise splashing and maintain a cleaner wash basin.

For users, sensor taps are more hygienic because of its hands-free features, which means less chances of cross contamination. The automatic sensor feature also addresses the common user issues with manual taps, like people forgetting to turn it off or getting burned by accidentally setting the water temperature too hot.

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