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Interfix Legitimate Interests Assessment

Interfix Washrooms Ltd is dedicated to safely refurbishing washrooms and enhancing the user experience and staff productivity.

Our purposes in processing data

These are:

  1. To provide information about our products or services to our customers, potential customers and other parties who may have a need, legal obligation or desire to refurbish their washroom areas.
  2. To carry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into with our customers.
  3. To provide information through regular newsletters to our customers and others who have expressed an interest in the services we provide.
  4. To be able to ensure we comply with employment law as regards our staff, and can fulfil our obligations to them, for example by paying their salaries promptly and to the correct accounts.

We believe that processing data for these reasons will not only help our business to thrive, but also lead to more hygienic washroom environments for staff, members of the public and students. In improving washroom hygiene and user experience we not only increase productivity but also the company or school’s image.

We also help our customers to fulfil their legal obligations to provide safe washroom conditions through both the products we install and the information we provide through our website, email bulletins and in wider knowledge sharing at events and in written articles, about washroom refurbishment.

If we could not process data, our ability to reach the people responsible for refurbishing washroom would be diminished. Our business would stagnate and service standards decline, and the wider awareness of washroom hygiene would be diminished.

Why our processing of data is necessary

Although it is possible for those responsible for refurbishing washrooms on their sites to find a lot of information on our website and in our marketing literature, they could miss out on information useful or of interest to them, and we could miss out on potential business, if we did not also proactively provide information by email, post telephone or by social media platforms such as Linked in, Twitter or Facebook.

Email bulletins (from which recipients can unsubscribe at any time, including through a link within the emails themselves) are typically sent once or twice per month. An individual within Interfix’s database could typically expect between two and four phonecalls per year, the subject of which could range from informing them of new products and services or asking for feedback on their experience of our service, to assessing whether their need for our products and services had changed, or checking that they wish to remain on our database. The frequency of such communications, and the fact that they relate potentially or directly to the recipients’ business, satisfies us that they are not intrusive. Any requests to cease calling are clearly recorded on our internal system.

We hold and process data about our staff without which we would be unable to fulfil our legal obligations or normal duties as employers. Without processing employee data, we could not have employees; without employees, our business would not be viable.

The impact our data processing has on those whose data we process

We fully appreciate the rights of the individuals whose data we process, and recognise that in the event of any clash between their rights and our legitimate interests, their rights take precedence.

We collect data in the course of our business, and only in a commercial context. Except in relation to our own staff, none of it is ‘sensitive’ as defined under data protection regulations, such as information relating to any individual’s health or income. The data is typically already in the public domain, even if not all in the same place. We believe that the type of data we hold is such that the people it relates to would reasonably expect it to be used in a commercial context by companies – like Interfix – who are offering products and services which aim to provide solutions to challenges their businesses face.

The data we hold about our customers is used primarily for the purposes of communicating with them. They are able to opt out of future email bulletins through unsubscribe links, and can contact us should they not want us to hold or use information about them.

The data we hold about our staff and job applicants enables us to fulfil our duties as an employer, including payment of salaries, processing of job applications and meeting our legal obligations. Although much of this data is sensitive, it is typical of what employers could be expected to process and our employees’ provision of their data to us demonstrates their understanding that it is necessary for us to process. Precautions are in place to limit access to this sensitive staff data only to those who need it for the fulfilment of employer responsibilities.

Interfix Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Interfix Washrooms, and this privacy policy describes how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your information. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy.

Interfix Washrooms complies with its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation by:

  • keeping the data it holds up to date
  • storing and destroying it securely
  • not collecting or retaining excessive amounts of data
  • protecting personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access and disclosure, and
  • ensuring that appropriate technical measures are in place to protect personal data.

The reason we collect and process information

We process personal information to enable us to promote our goods and services, to maintain our accounts and records, and to support and manage our staff.

If you are a customer (or potential customer), information about you helps us to:

  • provide you with information, products or services that you request from us or which we feel may interest you,
  • carry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into between you and us.

The data we collect

We process information relevant to the above reasons/purposes. This may include:

  • personal details such as name, work email address, mobile phone number, landline phone number, Job title (but not information categorised as sensitive under data protection laws and regulations)
  • employment details such as such as name, work email address, mobile phone number, landline phone number, Job title
  • goods or services provided (by us to you, or by you to us)

We may collect certain information or data about you in the course of business, such as when you visit our website, contact us directly, or engage with our email bulletins (e.g. tracking whether you open these emails and what links you may click on). Such data could include your name, address, telephone number, email address and social media identifiers.

If you telephone us, your call will not be recorded, but may be monitored by Interfix personnel for the purposes of training to ensure that the highest possible quality of service is provided.

Your information can be viewed by authorised people within Interfix Washrooms and relevant trustworthy external agencies supporting normal business operation, and may be used to:

  • improve our website by monitoring how you use it
  • gather feedback to improve our services and our email bulletins
  • despatch goods to you
    respond to any feedback you send us

Interfix Washrooms is dedicated to refurbishing washroom areas to enhance user experience and increase productivity. Our lawful basis for collecting and processing your information is that it is of legitimate interest:

1) to provide you with information that could help you in choosing our products and services to refurbish your washrooms.
2) to provide you with refurbished washrooms to enhance the user experience and to provide more productive staff.
3) to help us to grow our business.

The above interests were identified as a result of a legitimate interests assessment that we have conducted.

If a conflict arises between our legitimate interests and your own rights under data protection laws and regulations, your rights and interests will prevail.

Where your information is stored

We store your information on secure servers within the UK (and so within the European Economic Area or EEA). The email platform we use, MailChimp, is based outside the EEA and their servers hold your information in the United States. MailChimp participates in, and has certified its compliance with, the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

Keeping your information secure

We have procedures and security features in place to keep your information secure once we receive it. For example:

  • All log in users to our server are password protected.
  • All employees and anyone accessing data have to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Employee records can only be accessed by directors and approved senior personnel within the company.
  • Users have varying degrees of access depending on their position within the company
  • Only directors and approved senior personnel can access the memory stick port on the computers.

Our company website uses HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTPPS) coding on all its pages to help keep your information safe from hackers and, like most websites, uses cookies to enhance visitor experience (by, for example, enabling pages to load faster) and provide information about the aggregated statistics on how our website is used. The cookies we use do not obtain data that identifies individuals. For more information on our website’s use of cookies please contact Georgina Saunderson.

Disclosing your information

We may pass on your personal information if we have a legal obligation to do so, or if we have to enforce or apply our terms of use and other agreements. This may include disclosing your information to other companies and organisations in connection with fraud protection and credit risk reduction. We may also share your information with relevant external agencies for the following reasons:
Marketing Agencies: To ensure our database is kept current and up to date, if additional resource is required.
Consultancy: To ensure the long-term sustainability of Interfix Washrooms by continually providing a relevant, high quality service offering.

Logistics Agencies: To ensure our goods are delivered on time.

They will not pass on your information to other parties.

Requests for additional information

Sometimes we will require you to provide further personal information. Whenever we do this, we will tell you why we are collecting this information and how we will use it.

IP addresses

If you contact us online, we may monitor the type of device used by you. This may include specific identification, such as your IP address.

How will we use this information?

We do not sell customer’s personal data to third parties and will only use your personal information to provide you with details of our own products, or services which we believe will be of interest to you.

Third parties

We do not allow the information we hold about you to be used for advertising purposes or contact from third parties.


By using our website you signify your agreement to our use of cookies.
Our website uses cookies to store information on your computer. Some cookies on our site are essential and the site won’t work as expected without them. These cookies are set when you interact with the site by doing something that goes beyond clicking on simple links.

We also use some non-essential ‘performance’ cookies, such as Google Analytics to anonymously track visitors or enhance your experience of the site. If you wish to restrict or block web browser cookies which are set on your device then you can do this through your browser settings. Click on the Help function within your browser to find out more.

Performance cookies:

  • These cookies are used to measure the performance of websites and see how websites are used.
  • We use ‘Performance’ cookies to improve how the website works and measure our marketing activity.
  • Information that is collected using these cookies are aggregated and anonymous and we are not able to identify individual users with these cookies.

On we may use ‘Performance’ cookies to:

  • Provide aggregated statistics on how our website is used.
  • Provide feedback to partners that one of our visitors also visited their website. This lets our partners improve their website. We don’t allow our partners to reuse this information for further advertising.
  • Help us improve the website by measuring any errors that occur and also to improve the performance of the site.
  • Test different designs of page on our website.

Cookies we have defined as ‘Performance’ cookies will NOT be used to:

  • Remember any preferences you have set beyond the current visit.

Changes to our privacy and cookies policy

We may make changes and update our privacy and cookies policy from time to time and in accordance with updated legislation. Any such changes will be shown here as part of our privacy and cookies policy and will apply from the date that they are published. We are unable to contact you directly to inform you of these changes, other than in response to a specific request made to us as referred to above.

Your rights

You can find out what information we hold about you and ask us not to use any of the information we collect. If you wish to exercise this right, please send your request to our Marketing Department in writing by email to
or by post to:

Interfix Washrooms Ltd
96A Hopewell Drive

If you wish to unsubscribe from our email bulletins you can also do this by clicking on the unsubscribe link each one contains.

About Us

Interfix Washrooms is a limited company, registered company number 08984781, and registered office address Interfix Washrooms Ltd, 96A Hopewell Drive, Chatham, Kent, ME5 7PY.

Please note that if you click on, or follow, any links from our site to external websites, our privacy policy will no longer apply. Please check the privacy policies of any such external site before submitting any personal data, as we cannot accept any responsibility or liability in relation to them.

Environmental Concern

Interfix highly rates the importance of due regard for the environment.

We continually strive to improve on the environmental effect of our activities by complying with the following Interfix Environmental Statement Policy.

 Establish sound environmental management by:-

  • Meeting or improving upon relevant legislative, regulatory, and environmental codes of practice.
  • Developing objectives that target environmental improvements and monitor performance by regular review.
  • Considering any environmental issues in the decision-making process.
  • Developing a relationship with suppliers and contractors so that we all recognise our environmental responsibilities.
  • Educating staff so that they carry out their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

Provide for the effective use of resources by:-

  • Promoting waste minimisation by recycling or finding other uses for by-products whenever economically viable.
  • Promoting the efficient use of resources, energy and fuel throughout the organisation’s operations.

Co-operate with:-

  • The communities in which we operate.
  • The Government, regulatory bodies and other interested parties with the shared vision of being a good and trusted neighbour.


We believe you must give to receive …..

This is one of our fundamental principles.

Some of our charities that we have supported over the years are:-

Mission Statement

Our mission is to elevate the concept of the washroom environment through quality, style, and innovation.

We want to spread awareness of the importance of a modern and interesting washroom, and help this ideal become available to everyone.

Our Services

All initial consultations, feasibility studies, and quotations are free of charge and without obligation until such time as you, the client, wish to engage.

Our services incorporate, but are not limited to:-

  • Washroom Design & Creativity
  • Cubicles
  • Duct Panel Systems
  • IPS Pre-Plumbed Units
  • Vanity Units
  • Xerotouch Sensor Equipment
  • Shower Rooms and Lockers
  • Bespoke Design and Manufacture
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Space Planning
  • Water Saving
  • Floor Coverings
  • Partitioning
  • M+E Analysis
  • Visualisation and Colour Co-ordination
  • Ceilings
  • Power and Lighting
  • Decoration
  • Air Handling and Ventilation
  • Kitchen and Tea Points
  • Changing Rooms and Spaces

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a renowned, trusted organisation providing an affiliated partner for the design and management of washroom fit-out.

We want to aid and observe the increasing awareness of modern and innovative washroom design and technology.

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