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Washrooms at Stansted Airport

Flying over 27 million passengers, to over 200 destinations across the globe, Stansted Airport is the 4th busiest airport in the UK. Facilitating such volumes of footfall, Stansted Airport must ensure their services (i.e. washrooms) are fully functioning and uphold the same quality of service as the rest of the airport.

Stansted Airport has faced several issues with washroom maintenance, as well as identifying a need to refresh the outdated design & decor. Interfix were called in to give the washrooms a new lease of life, kit out with modern technology, as well as ensuring they were easy to clean & maintain.

The project covered a total size of 200m2, across the washrooms facilities at Stansted Airport. Cubicles were fitted kitted out with solid grade laminate, new ceiling & tiling was installed, as well as safety flooring. Vanity top basins and LED lighting were added, to enhance the appearance and design of the washrooms. To finish the project off, the washrooms were fitted with sensor-activated taps, WC flushing, hand dryers, and dispensers; ensuring that modern design & the highest standard of hygiene was displayed.

This refurbishment project was fully completed within 6 weeks. Working around high levels of security & footfall, Interfix were able to carry out the work necessary and complete the work to a high standard.

Passengers at Standard Airport can now enjoy a refreshing washroom experience, where personal hygiene is a top priority. Washroom maintenance teams can carry their work out more efficiently as a result of the refurbishment, thanks to the easy-clean materials incorporated into the build.


Aspects Covered

Vinyl safety flooring, wall tiling, new ceilings, LED lighting, solid grade laminate cubicles, vanity top basins, sensor controlled taps and WC flushing, hand dryers and dispensers.