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The Benefits Of Using A Washroom Design & Fit-out Specialist

When you’re researching the installation of a new washroom, whether for an existing or new building, you have the option of choosing between a general builder or using a washroom design and fit-out specialist. While it might seem easier to use a general builder, there are some excellent benefits to using a specialist.

A washroom fit-out specialist has knowledge and experience in washroom design and fitting that you won’t get from a general builder. They can offer advice and insights concerning issues that a general builder might not consider and do everything from suggesting smart design ideas to ensuring all regulations are met.

Specialist Knowledge and Experience

A key benefit of working with a washroom design and fit-out specialist is that you get experience and knowledge from a firm that knows what they’re doing. More general contractors and builders will have some knowledge of what they’re doing, but washrooms are not their specialist area. They will have a more generalised knowledge and experience and won’t be able to offer more specific insights regarding washroom design.

A specialist such as Interfix has experience in designing and fitting washrooms and washrooms alone. By focusing on the implementation of washroom design, specialists can develop in-depth knowledge and truly become experts in their field. Washroom design and fit-out specialists focus on washrooms alone and won’t be distracted by other parts of a project.

Latest Industry Insights

A general contractor is much less likely to keep up with the latest industry trends and insights where washrooms are concerned. When you want to work with a design and fit-out service that can provide ideas and insights on washrooms in your industry, choosing a company that focuses on washroom design is a must. A specialist makes it their business to keep up with the latest technology, best practices, design trends, and regulations that need to be followed.

At Interfix, we can help with washroom requirements in all industries. We understand the needs of organisations ranging from businesses requiring executive washrooms to schools seeking new washrooms for staff and pupils. We can provide design advice to ensure your washrooms make use of the latest trends and industry insights to your advantage.

Innovative Design

For anyone who is looking for innovative washroom design, a specialist design and fit-out service is a great choice. A general builder may not go beyond the generic options for washroom design, using the available space in a practical way that meets regulations but perhaps not going beyond that. However, when working with a washroom specialist, you benefit from innovative design and ideas.

Interfix provides washroom solutions that remain up-to-date with today’s demands. Two examples of this are the need for washrooms and toilets that are accessible for disabled people and environmentally-friendly washroom solutions. Choosing a washroom design and fit-out specialist means that you benefit from innovative design that takes your requirements into account and creates washrooms that are built for the future.

Bespoke Solutions

Washroom design and fit-out specialists provide bespoke solutions that are tailored to your needs instead of one-size-fits-all washroom designs. If using a general contractor, it’s likely that much less attention to detail will be paid to the design and fitting of your washroom.

At Interfix, we take time to understand the experience that you want to deliver to your customers or staff. From executive washrooms to school toilets and gym changing rooms, we specialise in bespoke and custom-made products and equipment. We can design solutions that make the most of the space available and use creative designs to achieve your goals.

We can help with things such as hygienic finishes to ensure excellent health and safety, as well as anti-vandal equipment for building long-lasting washroom solutions. You get washrooms that are designed just for you and not generic designs that might not be the best fit.

Adherence to Regulations

Following regulations and guidelines for washrooms in your industry is important when fitting out a new washroom. While general builders may do their best to stay up to date with how things should be done, they might not have the in-depth knowledge required to do everything properly. When you work with a specialist, you can feel sure that they are aware of the latest changes, the industry recommendations, and everything that needs to be known about commercial washroom design.

Interfix has significant experience in designing and fitting commercial washrooms. When you don’t want to settle for anything but the best, Interfix will provide you with washrooms that no others can beat.