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School Washroom Refurbishment During Term Time

At school, washrooms are more than just practical spaces. Rather, kids come here to take time out, chat with mates, and more. As such, keeping on top with stylish, hygienic washrooms is fundamental.

Unfortunately, with vandalism often rife where kids are concerned and heavy traffic causing breakages, keeping school washrooms in top condition is easier said than done. Luckily, when you focus on a school washroom design that takes these factors into account, you can provide stylish spaces with long-lasting results. The only trouble is working out when you can make time for such a washroom fit out.

Too often, major school overhauls like these fall to holiday time, but as well as being very limiting, operating this way means someone needs to come into school when they should be off. By instead finding ways to make school washroom refurbishment possible even during term time, you can simplify and more easily access the services that you need.

Luckily for you, our team here at Interfix have extensive experience of term-time refurbishments. Here, we’re going to look at how our washroom specialists can help you overcome the issues that can often arise during these installations.


In a learning environment, it’s fundamental to keep noise to a minimum. Unfortunately, refurbishments can be loud, especially during installation. As well as needing to work heavy and typically loud machinery, a washroom specialist will also need to communicate with their team members. During term time, this is bad news, especially if children are sitting or studying for crucial exams where disruptions like these could have a notable detrimental impact.

We understand this well here at Interfix, which is why we’ll work with you to understand your environment and make a refurbishment plan that suits you. By taking the time to understand key lesson times, we can ensure that we only ever carry out those dreaded loud refurb processes at convenient times for guaranteed minimal disruption.

General disruptions

As if the noise weren’t distracting enough, washroom refurbishments generally bring a great deal of disruption. Not only do projects like these leave entire washrooms out of action, but they can also leave some corridors, entrances, and classrooms out of action.

While even we can’t remove disruptions altogether, we can do whatever it takes to keep them to a minimum. Most notably, we promise to place partitions and temporary fencing that ensures our work causes the least possible disruption to the school day, allowing for corridors and classrooms, at least, to continue operating as normal.

Increased traffic

Even a small refurbishment team brings a great deal more traffic to school corridors. For obvious reasons, this can be anxiety-inducing because of the risk it poses to pupils.

To make sure that this isn’t a problem, we promise to always keep our teams to a minimum of trusted site operatives. With the benefit of our complete turn-key packages, we certainly won’t need to outsource to any unknown third party. Instead, we’ll dedicate a team to your cause the moment you get in contact, and they’ll take care of everything from design right through to execution.

What’s more, we’ll also carry out security checks on every operative who enters our school site. This way, we give you our word that only authorised, trusted professionals will be granted access at any given time.


Refurbishment work can be unavoidably messy, causing yet more term time setbacks. After all, school environments should be clean and hygienic, especially during the current Covid climate. For obvious reasons, you may feel especially reluctant right now to allow anything that messes with existing cleaning routines, and poorly-planned refurbishments could certainly do that.

Again, our high levels of planning can help here, ensuring that we only embark on the messiest aspects of refurbishment when classes are in session or children have gone home. What’s more, we pride ourselves on clean work ethics with the removal of any rubbish that we create.

In fact, with our focus on washroom hygiene during the design stage, we promise to integrate cleanliness considerations such as contactless flushes, taps, and lighting setups that ensure your school is actually better able to keep pupils safe through the pandemic than ever before.

Choose Interfix – for term-time refurbishments you can trust

There’s no denying the challenges of term-time refurbishments but, as you can see, our team here at Interfix are uniquely poised to meet each one. What’s more, we’ve completed many term-time projects just like these, meaning that these are tried and tested methods that could see you enjoying easier school washroom installations at last.