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Washrooms at University of the Arts London

When the University of the Arts London needed to increase its toilet provision, administrators turned to washroom specialists Interfix for a smart, durable solution that would not compromise vital campus space.

The university, based in Archway, north London required an additional four toilets at its Byam Shaw campus to accommodate its increased student intake. With space a major consideration, Interfix came-up with the ideal design – a unisex facility that supplied the required toilet provision by utilising ‘dead’ space within a university corridor.

The washroom refurbishment, which increased the number of toilets from three to seven with a disabled facility, was carried out by Interfix during the university’s summer break. It involved the demolition and strip-out of the existing 27m2 area, which was then covered with new, non-slip vinyl flooring. This was supplemented by surface-mounted LED lighting to create a bright, non-threatening environment. SGL Velocity cubicles, offering optimum water and impact resistance as well as maximum privacy, were also added.

The biggest challenge for the on-site team was the addition of a specialist drain pump system to resolve drain fall issues. Thanks to the skills and experience of Interfix’s installers, this matter was comfortably overcome. It meant within six weeks, the university was provided with brand new washroom facilities which excel in terms of safety and comfort. The refurbishment negated the need for an additional building to accommodate the increased toilet provision, making it a cost-effective solution, as well as a stylish, practical one.




Non-slip vinyl flooring, surface-mounted LED lighting and solid grade laminate cubicles.