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How many toilets should my school premises have?

The regulations don’t specify a minimum number of school toilets and washbasins in relation to the number and age of the children at the school, there are however recommended guidelines in place. These guidelines are as follows;

Age of pupils No. of toilets
Under 5 1 toilet & washbasin for every 10 pupils
5-11 1 toilet & washbasin for every 20 pupils
Over 11 1 toilet for every 20 pupils*
*washbasins may be reduced where facilities are shared

Toilets for Teachers and School Staff

Staff toilets and washbasins must be separate from pupils’ toilet facilities, except where they are designed for use by those who are disabled. Staff toilets may also be used for visitors.

Toilets for Pupils with Disabilities

Washroom facilities that are provided for disabled pupils must contain a toilet and a washbasin and have a door that is secured from the inside. The guidance states that disabled toilets should be located, where possible, a reasonable distance that avoids changing floor level. The recommended maximum distance is 20-25 metres.

Changing Rooms and Shower Facilities

Pupils aged 11 and older who do PE must have separate shower and changing facilities provided for them, that allows adequate privacy for the pupils.

*Source : The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 legislation’s Approved Code of Practice. If you want more information on workplace toilet facilities and the legislation surrounding it, please see our resources section.