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Washrooms at No.7 Air Street

Interfix delivered the quality solution to improve the function of a heavily-trafficked washroom within a large commercial building. Wall-mounted taps at No.7 Air Street in central London had led to users being splashed unnecessarily. However, the faucets’ high positioning on a glass splashback meant they were unable to be accessed in order to carry out maintenance and improve flows for better operation. Washroom specialists with more than 30 years’ experience in delivering a wide range of refurbishment solutions, Interfix devised a system which allowed rapid, easy access to the taps and their workings. The phased works programme in an occupied building involved removing the existing tap and glass splashback. These were replaced with a lower-level system which removed splash potential and created a more comfortable, user-friendly washroom experience. Thanks to the diligence and skills of Interfix’s experienced installation teams the Air Street refurbishment, despite it being carried out in a fully-operational building, was completed in six weeks with minimal disruption and to the client’s full satisfaction.


Aspects Covered:

Maintenance and improve flows, Refurbishment solutions and Installation.