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Washrooms at Folkestone Academy

Folkestone Academy in Kent, were in desperate need of updating their washrooms, because they were the original washrooms from when the school was built.

Over time they had become tired, old, run down, and generally a very dark space.

The academy wanted to upgrade their washrooms so they would become interesting, clean and to avert misuse of this area by the pupils.

Not only had pupils abused these toilets, graffitiing and generally making them an unpleasant space, they were also flooded often by the pupils, leaving them out of action.

The project entailed stripping the whole of the 90m2 washroom back to its bare bones, so a complete refurbishment could take place.

The main aim for this project was to provide students with a clean, hygienic and bright space that they could feel comfortable using.

To create the right ambience; new easy clean vinyl flooring, decorations, lighting and cubicles with WC duct panels were installed.

To avoid the opportunity for pupils to flood the washrooms, Corian wash troughs and anti-turn taps were installed with panel mounted soap dispensers.

The overall effect of this new washroom at the school, enabled the children to use a clean, modern and stylish toilet without the associated fear and unpleasantness that the old washrooms had once prevailed.

The new washrooms presented a modern, easy flowing area, with bright lighting, clear cut Corian wash troughs that worked seamlessly with the decor and anti turn push taps.

The WC duct panels infused colour into the washroom and provided a good minimalistic backdrop for the whole room, neatly hiding the toilet systems from view, and reducing the temptation for students to tamper with them.

The wash troughs replaced the traditional sink basin, to help create a minimalistic and seam free design which makes them easier to access.

Both the Corian wash troughs and anti turn taps were requested by the academy to combat the flooding situation, and not only updated the washroom decor to a modern and sophisticated room, but also makes the washroom a more hygienic place, and an area that is easier and quicker to clean.

Although the order for the washroom was placed last minute, Interfix managed to refurbish the entire washroom in just five weeks, all while working around another contractor on site. The washroom was completed to the highest of standards, and was in full working order before the new term began, even though the school said we could over-run into term time, we wanted to try our best to ensure everything would be in perfect working order for the new school year.

Folkestone Academy was delivered with a modern, clean, bright washroom that reduced any chances for mistreatment, and one that could improve the students overall morale at school too.

It’s user-friendly design and tough durability will ensure this washroom lasts a long time and in excellent working order.


Full Strip Out, Vinyl Flooring, Decorations, Lighting, Cubicles, WC Duct Panels, Corian Washtroughs, Anti-turn Push Tap and Soap Dispensers.