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Washrooms at All Hallows School

Vandalism had taken its toll on the washrooms at All Hallows School. Accompanied by outdated design, the condition of the washrooms was not up to the school’s prestige standard. All Hallows School had sought for a refurbishment to revitalize the washrooms, which were in a poor state.

With Vandalism being a key factor in the deterioration of the washroom, it was integral that high quality and specialised materials were used throughout the refurbishment, to reduce the future effects. Vandal-resistant materials and systems were introduced, allowing easier maintenance of the washroom. The vandal-resistant materials used allow All Hallows School to easily clean and eliminate signs of vandalism, to prolong its life and fresh look.

As part of the refurbishment, cubicles were lined with solid grade laminate, GRP wash troughs for added functionality, and WC ducts. Safety was also a priority for this refurbishment, thus with the user in mind, new safety flooring, ceiling and wall cladding were all introduced.

The project spanned over a space of 80m2, and with the nature of All Hallows School seasonal calendar, all work needed to be completed within a tight timeframe. The refurbishment was conducted throughout the summer holidays and had to be ready for when students returned.

Students at All Hallows School were greeted with a safer and up to date washroom, upon their arrival for the next academic year. A washroom equipped with vandal-resistant materials, so the washroom at All Hallows School can reflect the establishment’s image and standards, along with the rest of the school.


Aspects Covered:

Solid grade laminate cubicles, GRP washtroughs, WC ducts, new safety flooring, ceiling and wall cladding.